The Christmas Message from the Fanchers

Terry and Kathleen

Christmas Eve – 2005


This time last year I had no idea what the coming year of 2005 would provide. What it has provided has been unexpected and pleasant. A new job and a new career all in one fell swoop.


Let’s take you through the year in pictures. Each of these shots can be downloaded to your own computer and you can print them, if you want.


In January we took a Caribbean cruise onboard The Enchantment of the Seas. The picture you see is of a stormy sunset on the cruise.


In February I prepared for my final days as General Manager of South Shore Chamber of Commerce and began to prepare for my first days as Executive Director of South Shore Tri-Town Development Corporation. Take this link over to our web site to see what the new job and new career is all about. The Christmas tree for our annual message is taken from where I work. We also spent a week on the Cape. Click here for the Development Corporation Web site.


Our March calendar shot is from a flower in our backyard.


Our April calendar boy is J.D., the dog.


In May and June we caught a number of summer storms on camera and those are the calendar shots.


This past summer Kathleen and I want to dance camp at the Nevele Country Club in upstate New York. We and 800 other ballroom dancers spent some 20 hours that weekend either in lessons or on the dance floor. The July calendar shot is from the Nevele Country Club.


During the summer we spent every Sunday morning on Nantasket Beach in Hull doing ballroom dancing. The calendar shot for August is from one of those mornings.


We had a couple of parties at Vincent’s Nightclub. Our September calendar shot is from one of those parties.


In October we took some friends to New York City for the weekend. Our calendar shot is looking at Times Square.


In November we did a lot of traveling. We went to Las Vegas and then up into southern Utah for a meeting with the Mountain Meadows Association. We did a weekend dance camp at Kutshers Country Club in upstate New York and we also went to Arkansas and visited with my parents. Our November calendar shot is from Kutshers Country Club.


December, and the year is almost over. Our December shot was taken as part of our trip to St. George, Utah.


We have stayed busy with a new career, a number of home improvement projects as we prepare for the wedding of our youngest daughter Jennifer to Michael Micalone in June of 2006.


We hope the year end finds you in good health. If you are looking for places to take ballroom dance or Argentine Tango lessons in Massachusetts, we can suggest Jackie Davis of Jackie Davis Studio in Quincy, Richard Hutton from the Fred Astaire Studio in Hanover  and Ron Gursky of Rugcutters Dance Studio in Watertown.


As the year closes, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and the most joyous of New Years!


Terry and Kathleen Fancher – Christmas Eve 2005