About The Fanchers


Terry and Kathleen Fancher live in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. The dance links will take you to places they like to go ballroom dancing in the Greater Boston area.


Terry and Kathleen have been taking ballroom dance lessons since 2001. At that time their oldest daughter Kimberly convinced them to take ballroom dance lessons so Terry could dance their daughter Kimberly out to the middle of the dance floor during her wedding reception.


Since then Terry and Kathleen have continued to take lessons from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Hanover, Ron Gursky at Rugcutters Studio in Watertown and from the Jackie Davis Dance Studio in Weymouth.


Terry calls it team Fancher and says they use the share-a-brain program. He memorizes the steps and then leads Kathleen into executing the steps. They do waltz, foxtrot, cha-cha, bolero, American and international rumba, meringue, samba, hustle, east and west coast swing, paso doble, peabody, quickstep, American and argentine tango, and Viennese waltz.


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