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 2007 Christmas Card

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About the pictures above - This year marked a high and a low. The high was the birth of our first grandson Daniel Kelley on January 22, 2007. The saddest moment  was the death of my Mother, Genevieve Fancher on November 7, 2007. The picture above shows our grandson at the top of the tree, the January 2008 calendar boy. The rest of the year is dedicated to pictures my Mother painted over a 50 year period of time. The November calendar represents the final first place award-winning picture she painted. The Christmas Card, the Web Christmas Card (above) and the December 2008 calendar represent what we believe was the first picture Genevieve ever painted in 1961.

You can click inside the "ornaments" to see the monthly calendars. You can print them as 5" X 7" calendars for your personal use. Each picture has previously been copyrighted.

We hope you enjoy the year in pictures. The Fancher Family - Terry, Kathleen, Kimberly Kelley, and Jennifer Micalone.

Updated December 5, 2007

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