Glastonbury Chamber is carrying out a summer racing series. It will involve five races on five consecutive Saturday mornings in July and August. It is designed to be fun and a summertime challenge or as training for those entering the New Haven 20K on Labor Day or the Hartford Marathon/Half-Marathon in October.


Greater Mystic Recent newsletter article focused on the issue of electronic scams. The article noted that in the past the issue of "mail fraud" was an issue, but today the use of technology provides more opportunities for computer hackers. The newsletter focused on the issue of Viruses and Worms, and Electronic Scams and Identity Theft. One recent virus was (MyDoom), which is a mass-mailing worm that can allow an attacker to access network resources and spread infection through mass mailing, potentially causing destruction through servers and networks that crash. The newsletter also notes that most people simply think of "spam" as just an annoyance. However, there is a new trend that is much more menacing. The new form of spam is an identity tool used to get vital information allowing the perpetrator to gain access to personal financial accounts. The common characteristic of this scam is that the message claims there is a problem with their records, and they need you to update their information. They gladly provide a link for you to click to update your information which will return your account to good standing. People are reminded not to click on the link.