The Fanchers in 2010.


The January calendar is of Patrick James Kelley born to Kimberly and Matthew Kelley on January 29, 2010 . Daughter Jennifer is holding him.

The February calendar is of grandsons Daniel Paul and Patrick James Kelley.

The March calendar is of Patrick James Kelley.

The April calendar is of Kathleen holding Patrick James Kelley.

The May calendar is of daughter Kimberly dancing at a ballet dance recital. She is the one in the air on the left.

The June calendar is of grandson Daniel Paul eating an ear of corn at a Fancher Family barbeque.

The July calendar is of Kimberly holding Daniel and Kathleen holding Patrick.

The August calendar is Daniel enjoying summer.

The September calendar is Kimberly holding Patrick on the left and Daniel holding on to Kimberly on the right.

The October calendar is a picture of Terry’s father, J.K. Fancher. J.K. has gotten back into Square Dance calling, a passion he has had for 45 years.

The November calendar is from ballroom dancecamp in the Catskill Mountains . Kathleen and Terry were able to get away twice this year to work on new and old steps and brush up on technique.

The December calendar is a recovered Genevieve Fancher painting, this one formerly owned by the First National Bank of Harrison , Arkansas . Terry’s mother Genevieve passed away in 2007.

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