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American Weekly Series The Mountain Meadows Massacre - The True Story never before told of the epic march of the Mormons to find their "Promised Land" and what befell them along that perilous trail and at its ending. An eleven part series published in the Sunday American Weekly magazine section in Hearst Publishing Company Sunday newspapers. This series began with Chapter one on June 16, 1940 and ended on August 25, 1940 . The first chapter told of the journey west into Missouri . The second chapter told of the golden plates, and encounters with the law. The third chapter told of the assassination of Joseph Smith, and the burning of Mormon homes in Illinois after the assassination. The fourth chapter tells of the trek to Utah , plus cemetery pictures of the Old Winter Quarters in Nebraska . The fifth chapter tells of 12,000 homeless Mormons strung out over the Iowa prairie, the perilous trek over the plains and getting to the Promised Land. The sixth chapter describes Salt Lake City in the early days of the settlement, the use of handcarts by some to get there, and the monument erected to note the passage. The seventh chapter details the troubles that came with the 49's, blood atonement, Porter Rockwell and Bill Hickman as the "Avenging Angels" and the "Reformation." The eighth chapter talks about the wives of Brigham Young, the Lion House and the Beehive House. The ninth chapter is about the Mountain Meadows Massacre. The tenth chapter explains the Utah expedition of 1858 and a history of the Army officers participating. The series was originally intended to have ten parts but somewhere along the way a survivor got in touch with the newspaper chain and explained that she was a survivor. This was explained in the tenth chapter. What followed was a final first person view given in the eleventh chapter detailed below. Copies of the original chapters were obtained by Terry Fancher through the research section of the Boston , Massachusetts Public Library.

The Mountain Meadows Massacre - an Episode on The Road to Zion by Mrs. Sallie Baker Mitchell, Sole Survivor American Weekly, Sunday, August 25, 1940 magazine section published in Hearst Publishing Company Sunday newspapers - 11th in series

Mountain Meadows Witness - The life and times of Bishop Philip Klingensmith - Anna Jean Backus, 1995

Through Bonds of Love - In the Shadow of the Mountain Meadows Massacre - Anna Jean Backus, 1998

Blood of the Prophets Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows - Will Bagley, 2002

The Fancher Train A novel by Amelia Bean, 1958

Forgotten Kingdom - David L. Bigler, 1998

No Man Knows My History - The Life of Joseph Smith - the Mormon Prophet- Fawn M. Brodie, 1945

John Doyle Lee - Zealot, Pioneer Builder, Scapegoat - Juanita Brooks, 1985

The Mountain Meadows Massacre Juanita Brooks, 1950

Carleton Report - Mountain Meadows Massacre - Document 605, House of Representatives - 57th Congress, 1st Session, May10, 1902

American Massacre Sally Denton, 2003

Redeye A novel by Clyde Edgerton, 1995

Captain Alexander Fancher - A novel by Burr Fancher, 2006

Westward with the Sun A novel by Burr Fancher, 1999

Harrison Daily Times - 17 part series on Mountain Meadows Massacre written by J. K. Fancher, Jr., 1989-1991

Richard Fancher (1700-1764) of Morris County , New Jersey - Paul Buford Fancher, 1993

The Mormon Mountain Massacre - From the Diary of Captain John I. Ginn - Steven E. Farley, 2003

Tales the Western Tombstones Tell, A novel by Lambert Florin - seventh book in Ghost Town Series - Superior Publishing Company, Seattle , Washington .

Red Water - A novel by Judith Freeman, 2002

Mountain Meadows Massacre Josiah F. Gibbs, 1910

The Utah Expedition - 1857-1858 - Captain Jesse A. Gove, 1928

The Ferry Woman Gerald Grimmett, 2001

An Outlander's View Of The Mountain Meadows Massacre - Jim Lair, 1986

The 1838 Mormon War In Missouri - Stephen C. LeSueur, 1987

Confessions of John D. Lee - Mormonism Unveiled; or The Life and Confessions of the Late Mormon Bishop John D. Lee, 1877

The Star Rover A novel by Jack London, 1915 (link below)

Mormon Murders - Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, 1988

House of Mourning - A Biocultural History of the Mountain Meadows Massacre - Shannon A. Novak, 2008

A New Look At Old Sites On Mountain Meadows - Morris A. Shirts & Frances Anne Smeath, 2002

VICTIMS - The LDS Church and the Mark Hofmann Case - Richard E. Turley, Jr., 1992

Roughing It A novel by Mark Twain, 1872  

Massacre At Mountain Meadows - Ronald W. Walker, Richard E. Turley Jr., Glen M. Leonard, 2008

Massacre at Mountain Meadows - An American legend and a monumental crime - William Wise, 1976

The Mountain Meadows Massacre and its Completion as a Historic Episode - Article written by Boone County Arkansas Historian Ralph Rea, reprinted from Boone County Historical & Railroad Society records, compiled by William Brondel.

For more in-depth research on the subject, check out the following links:

Utah State Archives

In 1915 Jack London wrote The Star Rover. Through Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE, you can read Jack London's Writings, including

The Star Rover

Mountain Meadows Massacre written by Josiah F. Gibbs is also online.

Mountain Meadows Massacre

Mountain Meadows Association

 Links to descendants of the survivors:

Linda Corbin, descended from Elizabeth Baker Terry Milam A. Jones, descended from Felix Marion Jones James Wm. "Jim W." Tackitt, related to William Henry and Emberson Milum Tackitt.

If you are interested in history of the Tackett/Tackitt family, the Tackett Family Association has a homepage. The author of the page is James Wm. "Jim W." Tackitt, mentioned in the link above. The homepage is linked:

Tackett Family Association.

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